Why Is My Gaming Laptop Dropping Frames? comprehensive guide: way to fix fps

Why Is My Gaming Laptop Dropping Frames?

Dropped frame­s can disrupt your gaming laptop’s smooth performance. This can be puzzling and frustrating. But why doe­s it happen?

Possible reasons: overheating, outdated drivers, insufficient RAM or VRAM, background processes, hardware issues, or demanding game settings exceeding laptop capabilities.

Gaming laptops have evolve­d from basic devices into powerful machine­s. They display complex graphics and delive­r immersive gaming expe­riences. But frame drops can harm that se­amless gameplay you want.

In this article, we­ uncover the mysterie­s behind gaming laptop frame drops. We e­xplore hardware, software, and e­xternal factors contributing to this issue. Our goal is to provide knowle­dge you need to re­store your gaming laptop’s flawless performance­.

Reasons Why Is My Gaming Laptop Dropping Frames:

Hardware Deficiency:

 One of the essential guilty parties behind the question of why is my gaming laptop dropping frames is deficient equipment. If your gaming laptop doesn’t meet the suggested framework prerequisites for a specific game, it could battle to deliver the illustrations flawlessly. Obsolete or underpowered parts, like the computer chip, GPU, or RAM, can obstruct your laptop’s capacity to stay aware of requesting gaming situations.


Redesign your equipment parts if possible. Putting resources into an all-the-more impressive GPU, expanding RAM, or moving up to a quicker computer chip can fundamentally further develop your gaming laptop’s presentation and decrease outline sudden drops.

Overheating and Warm Choking:

Gaming laptops frequently create a lot of intensity during interactivity. If your laptop’s cooling framework isn’t productive or, on the other hand, assuming it’s stopped up with dust, the parts can overheat. This prompts warm choking, where the computer chip and GPU driver diminish their exhibition to keep harm from heat, bringing about dropped outlines.


Consistently clean your laptop’s vents and fans to guarantee an appropriate wind stream. Utilizing a cooling cushion or an outside cooling arrangement can assist with disseminating heat all the more successfully and forestall warm choking.

Driver Issues:

Obsolete or inconsistent illustrations drivers can adversely affect gaming execution, prompting dropped outlines and stammering interactivity. Design drivers are pivotal for improving your laptop’s capacity to deliver illustrations easily.


Stay up with the latest. Visit the authority site of your GPU producer (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) to download and introduce the most recent drivers.

Foundation Cycles and Asset Use:

Foundation applications and cycles can consume significant framework assets, making your gaming laptop battle with running match-ups without a hitch. Asset-escalated applications running behind the scenes can prompt edge drops.


Close superfluous foundation applications and impair pointless startup programs before sending off a game. This will let loose framework assets for the game to run all the more productively.

Insufficient Storage Space:

 Assuming your gaming laptop’s stockpiling is almost full, it can prompt decreased execution and casing drops. Present-day games require significant extra room, and assuming your stockpiling drive is almost pushed to the limit, it can influence your laptop’s capacity to load and handle game information.


Let loose extra room by uninstalling unused applications, erasing enormous documents, or moving information to outside-capacity gadgets.

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V-Sync and Frame Rate Settings:

Erroneously arranged video settings, for example, V-Sync (Vertical Sync) and outline rate limits, can cause outline drops. V-Sync can prompt casing rate drops during appeal circumstances when empowered without sufficient equipment support.


Change your in-game settings to guarantee that V-Sync and approach rate limits are set in light of your laptop’s abilities.

Web Association Issues:

On the off chance that you’re playing on the web multiplayer games, a poor or temperamental web association can prompt slack and dropped outlines. High ping or bundle misfortune can result in postponed ongoing interaction and edge drops.


To fix the problem, Guarantee you have a steady and rapid web association. Think about utilizing a wired association rather than Wi-Fi for more predictable execution.

Background Updates:

Windows or other software updates running in the background.

  • Solution: Check for pending updates and let them complete before gaming

Network Issues:

High ping or unstable internet can cause online game lag.

  • Solution: Ensure a stable and fast internet connection for online gaming.

Age and Dust:

Accumulated dust can hinder cooling and performance.

  • Solution: Clean the internals and fans of your laptop regularly to prevent overheating.

Is there a website to see how many fps you will get in games?

Definitely! You can calculate the frames per second (FPS) of first person shooting games using your computer’s hardware configuration. Normally, you are asked to key in data concerning the CPU, graphics card, and memory of your device so that you can know the kind of FPS you will be receiving while playing certain games like Minecraft. Here is you can check:

Ways To Fix Laptop FPS:

Make sure your computer has the most recent graphics drivers. Old drivers can cause problems with how well something works. You can go to the website of the company that made your graphics card (like NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) to get and install the newest drivers for it.

Lower in-game settings:

 This means decreasing or adjusting the visual quality of your video games. Reducing options like resolution, texture level, shadows, and special effects can greatly increase your fps. Lots of pc games have different graphics settings (like low, medium, and high) that you can change based on what your laptop can handle.

Shut down background applications that you’re not using while playing games. Because of These apps, affect  fps drop issues usually occur

 Getting rid of dust and preventing excessive heat:

When a device heats too much, it can slow down its performance. Make sure your laptop is not dirty and has no dust. If you haven’t cleaned it in a long time, think about opening it and using compressed air to carefully get rid of the dust.

Use a cooling system:

Use a device called a cooling pad, It helps the laptop cool and prevents it from getting too hot, which can slow down your games.

Upgrading RAM:

If your laptop doesn’t have enough RAM, upgrading it can make your laptop work better, including a faster gaming performance. Adding more RAM to your laptop helps it handle doing multiple things at once and improves performance, like working on different tasks or playing games, in a better way.

Fps Settings:

Make your laptop run faster by changing its power settings to prioritize performance. Use the power management called “High Performance” if it is an option.

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Turn off V-Sync:

 Vertical sync (V-Sync) can restrict the number of frames per second (FPS) to match your monitor’s refresh rate. This may not be necessary if your laptop can handle high FPS problems. Turning off V-Sync can make your gameplay smoother, but it may also make the screen look glitchy.

Game Mode:

Some laptops have a “Game Mode” setting that makes gaming work better by using more of the computer’s power CPU or GPU. Turn on this mode if it is an option.

Try Turning the Hard Drive With A Solid- State Drive:

If your laptop has a regular hard drive, you can make it faster by replacing it with a solid-state drive. This will make your laptop respond quicker and load things faster, which can also help with frame drops issue

Open Task Manager:

Use the window Task Manager to keep an eye on and stop any extra things running in the background that might be using up your computer’s power. open the task manager to affect the improve fps drop.

Look for harmful software:

Harmful software can make your laptop work slower and sudden fps drop. Use a good antivirus program to check your laptop and make sure it is free from any problems. and experience higher fps

Updating the BIOS

Updating BIOS on your laptop can make it work better with different devices manager and run faster. But be careful with BIOS updates and only do it if you know how to.

Windows 10:

Change the settings in Windows to prioritize how it looks versus how it works in order to make games run better.

 Restart Your PC:

Cause of poor fps performance you might have a bad experience one of the common methods to fix laptop fps drop issues or drop in fps restart your pc it helps increase fps

Update Graphics Driver:

As previously stated, it is very important to update your graphics card drivers in order to keep your computer running smoothly. Outdated graphic drivers can cause fps drops, drops during gameplay give you a bad experience  Go to the manufacturer’s website of the company that made your graphics card (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) to get the newest drivers for your specific graphics card.

Install them on your computer. in this way you can get higher frames high fps limit like 144 fps and then you run the game this thing improves gaming performance if the frequent fps drop is still going to the NVidia control panel

Benefits of Solving the Issue Why Is My Gaming Laptop Dropping Frames?

The excursion of investigating and effectively settling the issue of dropping frames on your gaming laptop yields something other than smoother gameplay. Let’s investigate these advantages and comprehend how they add to improving your experience.

Consistent Interactivity Experience:

The clearest benefit of tackling the dropped outlines issue is the reclamation of a consistent and continuous gaming experience. By wiping out faltering and slack, your ongoing interaction becomes liquid and vivid, allowing you to partake in the virtual universes you’re investigating completely.

Strategic Advantage in Multiplayer Games:

In serious multiplayer games, each millisecond matters. Tackling outline drop issues guarantees that you’re working at your laptop’s ideal presentation level, giving you an upper hand over rivals battling execution-related difficulties.

Improved Visuals and Drenching:

Dropped casings can adversely influence the visual nature of your games. By settling this issue, you further develop execution and open the maximum capacity of your laptop’s design abilities, prompting crisper visuals and a more vivid gaming experience.

Conservation of Equipment and Life span:

Overheating and warm choking, normal supporters of dropped outlines, can strain your laptop’s equipment. By resolving these issues, you expand the lifespan of your equipment parts, diminishing the gamble of harm because of extreme intensity and guaranteeing your laptop’s supported exhibition over the long run.

Optimal Utilization of Resources:

Proficiently investigating and settling the casing drop issue guarantees that your laptop’s equipment assets are put to their best use. This advantages gaming and improves the general exhibition of your laptop for different errands and applications.

Stress-Free Gaming Sessions:

Managing outline drops can be unbelievably upsetting, especially during basic gaming minutes. Settling this issue furnishes you with true serenity, allowing you to zero in exclusively on your ongoing interaction and partake in the virtual experiences without interruptions.

Exploration of Graphics-Intensive Titles:

When the casing drop issue is settled, you can unhesitatingly investigate and play illustrations of concentrated titles that request significant framework assets. This opens up new gaming skylines, completely empowering you to encounter the most recent and most outwardly amazing games.

Optimization Settings and Configurations:

Settling outline drop issues frequently includes improving in-game settings, drivers, and programming setups. These enhancements settle the quick issue and act as an establishment for keeping a very much-tuned gaming arrangement.


The issue of “Why is my gaming laptop dropping frames?” arises from hardware limitations, overheating, driver problems, background processes, storage constraints, and more. Solving these issues leads to smoother gaming, competitive advantages, enhanced visuals, and extended hardware life.

 It fosters stress-free gaming, optimal resource usage, and the ability to explore demanding titles with confidence. Troubleshooting frame drops isn’t just about resolving problems; it’s about unlocking your laptop’s full gaming potential and maximizing overall enjoyment in the dynamic world of gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can RAM cause FPS down?

Answer: If you meant slow RAM, slower RAM will cause lower FPS in most cases.

Q2. Does FPS drop when the laptop overheats?

Answer: Overheating equipment can cause game lockups, accidents, and execution issues like low FPS and faltering.

Q3. Can an overheating laptop cause lag?

Answer: On the off chance that the framework overheats totally, it’ll either solidify or closed down to ensure itself. Warm throttling is planned to cool and secure CPU and GPU  processor chips in reaction to overwhelming workloads, but there’s one caveat: In spite of the fact that warm throttling ensures the equipment, it can cause amusement slack.

Q4. How do I fix my laptop frame rate?

 Answer: To further develop laptop frame rates, update your design drivers to the most recent rendition and lower in-game settings like goal and graphical impacts for smoother execution.

Q5. Why is my laptop FPS dropping?

Answer: FPS drops in all games could be caused by multiple factors, including outdated graphics card drivers, malware & virus attacks, hard drive issues, and so on.

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