How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Gaming Laptop? (4 Ways)

How to change keyboard color on MSI gaming laptop

MSI gaming laptops have acquired a reputation for conveying noteworthy execution and cutting-edge development to take unique consideration of the necessities of enthusiastic gamers. One of the top dog components that enchants clients is the vivacious RGB (Red-Green-Blue) keyboard lighting.

The ability to change the keyboard color on MSI gaming laptops is a brilliant perspective that permits clients to articulate their thoughts while submerging in their number one games.

In this aid, we will investigate various strategies for how to change keyboard color on MSI gaming laptops, empowering clients to implant their gaming arrangement with a sprinkle of imagination and singularity.

How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Gaming Laptop:

Method 1: Utilizing SteelSeries Engine

The SteelSeries Engine programming is a well-known decision to change the keyboard color on MSI gaming laptops. Follow these moves toward changing the keyboard variety utilizing the SteelSeries Engine.

Stage 1: Download and Introduce SteelSeries Engine

If you don’t have SteelSeries Engine introduced on your MSI laptop, visit the authority MSI site and download the most recent rendition of the product viable with your model.

Stage 2: Send off SteelSeries Engine

When introduced, open SteelSeries Engine from your work area or dropdown menu.

Stage 3: Access keyboard Lighting Choices

Find the “keyboard Lighting” segment in SteelSeries Motor, which a keyboard or light symbol might address.

Stage 4: Alter keyboard Lighting

The product should give you a scope of customization choices. Contingent upon your laptop model, you might have different lighting zones or individual key customization capacities. Investigate the product and look over different varieties and lighting impacts to customize your gaming keyboard’s appearance.

Stage 5: Save and Apply Changes

After tweaking the keyboard lighting as you would prefer, click the “Apply” or “Save” button to guarantee that your new settings are saved and enacted.

Method 2: Utilizing Mythical Beast Place

Mythical Serpent Community is a programming choice by MSI that permits you to control different parts of your gaming laptop, including RGB lighting. In this simple process, you can utilize Dragon Center Community to change the keyboard brightness level.

Stage 1: Download and Introduce the Winged Serpent Community

If you still need Dragon Center Place introduced on your MSI laptop, visit the authority MSI site and download the most recent form viable with your particular model.

Stage 2: Send off Winged Serpent Community

Open Winged Serpent Community from your work area or begin the menu when introduced.

Stage 3: Access Spiritualist Light

In Dragon Center Community, explore the “Spiritualist Light” segment, where you’ll find the keyboard lighting customization choices.

Stage 4: Pick Your Lighting Settings

In Spiritualist Light, you will approach various color scheme, including individual key customization and lighting effects. Select your ideal color or effects to change your keyboard’s appearance.

Stage 5: Apply and Save

After customizing your keyboard lighting, click the “Apply” or “Save” button to apply the progressions and guarantee they are put aside for some time later.

Method 3: Using MSI Dragon Center App (Mobile)

Notwithstanding the work area rendition of Dragon Center Place, MSI likewise offers a portable application form that permits you to control different laptop settings, including the RGB keyboard lighting, right from your cell phone. This is the way you can utilize the MSI Dragon Center application to change the keyboard color:

Stage 1: Download and Install the MSI Dragon Center App

Look for “MSI Dragon Center Community” on your gadget’s application store (accessible for Android and iOS). Download and introduce the application on your cell phone.

Stage 2: Interface with Your Laptop

Guarantee that your cell phone and MSI gaming laptop are associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization. Open the MSI Mythical Serpent Place application on your telephone and adhere to the on-screen guidelines to coordinate it with your laptop.

Stage 3: Access Spiritualist Light

Once associated, explore the “Spiritualist Light” area inside the application. Here, you’ll track down different choices to redo the RGB lighting on your keyboard.

Stage 4: Tweak keyboard Light

In the Spiritualist Light part of the application, you’ll approach a wide cluster of varieties and impacts. Explore different avenues regarding various blends to track down the ideal lighting arrangement that suits your style.

Stage 5: Apply and Save Changes

After altering the keyboard lighting, tap on the “Apply” or “Save” button inside the application to actuate the progressions on your laptop.

Method 4: Utilizing keyboard Alternate routes (Restricted Control)

To change the laptop keyboard color of an MSI gaming laptop and you can’t approach the SteelSeries Motor, MSI Dragon Center, or the versatile application, some MSI gaming laptops might offer essential alternate ways to change the keyboard color combination. While these easy routes probably won’t give however much customization that the product choices, they can, in any case, be convenient in specific circumstances.

Kindly note that the accessibility of keyboard alternate routes changes depending upon the laptop model and whether the laptop has an RGB color or simply single-variety backdrop illumination. Allude to your laptop’s client manual or check MSI’s true site for explicit keyboard alternate route subtleties.

Understanding MSI’s RGB Keyboard Technology:

MSI gaming laptops come furnished with RGB (Red-Green-Blue) keyboards that permit clients to browse a range of varieties and lighting impacts. RGB keyboard color comprise individual Drove lights underneath each key, giving exact command over variety and enlightenment.

Benefits Of Changing The Keyboard Color Of MSI Gaming Laptop:

Changing the keyboard backlight color on an MSI gaming PC offers many advantages that go past feel. These advantages improve the general gaming experience and expand efficiency and personalization. Here are a portion of the upsides of changing the keyboard color on an MSI gaming PC:


Redoing the keyboard color lets clients communicate their distinction and style. Whether matching the variety plan to their gaming arrangement or exhibiting their color, the ability to customize the PC’s appearance adds an extraordinary touch.

Upgraded Gaming Air:

Various color and lighting impacts can set the temperament for different gaming situations. For example, extraordinary red lighting can make an adrenaline-siphoning feel during activity-pressed games, while a quieting blue tint can improve fixation during vital ongoing interaction.

Visual Criticism:

In specific games or applications, explicit keyboard lighting setups can give visual input. For example, various colors could mean low well-being, cooldown times, or explicit in-game occasions, upgrading the gaming experience.


RGB lighting can add to a more vivid gaming experience. The dynamic and changing varieties establish a charming climate that draws players more profoundly into the virtual world.

Expanded Efficiency:

For the people who utilize their MSI gaming laptop for work or innovative undertakings, changing the keyboard color can assist with further developing efficiency. Tweaking the lighting to match the hour of the day or main job can diminish eye strain and establish a happier workspace.

Obvious Signals and Alternate Routes:

Modified lighting can go about as viewable prompts for explicit key capabilities or alternate routes, making it more straightforward to find fundamental keys rapidly during serious gaming or work meetings.

Upper hand:

In cutthroat gaming, each benefit counts. With adjustable keyboard lighting, gamers can make an arrangement that looks great, gives viewable signals, and helps in faster reaction times during ongoing interaction.

Gaming Group Character:

In eSports or gaming groups, having a brought-together keyboard color or lighting impact can assist with laying out a group personality and cultivate a feeling of brotherhood among players.

Stress Help:

Variety brain science proposes that specific colors can impact feelings and feelings of anxiety. For instance, delicate, warm colors can have a quieting impact, assisting clients with unwinding during breaks between gaming meetings.

Advancement and Tomfoolery:

Changing the keyboard color on an MSI gaming PC is a thrilling and creative component. It adds a component of enjoyment to the gaming experience, empowering clients to explore different avenues regarding various varieties and lighting impacts.


How to change keyboard color on MSI gaming laptops adds a customized touch and improves your gaming experience. Whether you favor the high-level customization choices presented by the SteelSeries Motor and Mythical Serpent Place programming or the comfort of the portable application, MSI guarantees that clients have different ways of controlling their laptop RGB lighting.

As innovation progresses, MSI will likely acquaint many interesting elements with additional upgrades to the gaming experience. Allow your imagination to radiate through the console’s RGB tones as you leave on exciting gaming experiences. Cheerful gaming!

Frequently Ask Question

Q1: Where might I download the Software expected to change the keyboard color at any point?

Answer : You can download the fundamental programming, for example, SteelSeries Motor or Dragon Center, from the authority MSI site. Make a point to download the viable variant with your particular MSI gaming laptop model.

Q2: Could I change the individual key color on my MSI laptop’s keyboard at any point?

Answer : Indeed, contingent upon your laptop model and the product you use, you might have the choice to tweak individual key tones. Programming applications like SteelSeries Motor and Dragon Center frequently give this degree of customization.

Q3: Will changing the keyboard color variety influence my laptop exhibition?Set Image

Answer : No, changing the keyboard color straightforwardly affects your laptop exhibition. The RGB lighting is constrained by discrete programming and doesn’t influence the equipment’s handling abilities.

Q4: Is there a method for resetting the keyboard color to default settings?

Answer : Using product applications like SteelSeries Motor or Mythical Beast Community, you can reset the keyboard color to its default settings. There is commonly a choice inside the product to reestablish the default lighting arrangement.

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