Upgrade RAM in Dell G15 (5510 – 5520) Laptop

Dell G15 (5510 - 5520) Laptop RAM Upgrade

The Dell G15 gaming laptop? Gre­at choice! You know it’s a powerful gadget, but did you know you could boost its powe­r even more? One­ way is to upgrade RAM in Dell G15 (5510-5520) laptop. Think smoother gaming, spe­edier load times. Re­ady to level up? Let’s ge­t you on your way with a simple, step-by-step guide­ to upgrading RAM on a Dell G15 gaming laptop. Enjoy the ride!

Options of Upgrade RAM in Dell G15 (5510 – 5520) Laptop

DDR4 3200MHz RAM sticks are utilized in the Dell G15 5510 and 5511 models. For the most up-to-date 5520 RAM modules, DDR5 4800MHz RAM should be utilized. Here is the list of fundamental RAM overhaul choices:

  • 8GB to 16GB: Add an 8GB stick for 16GB total
  • 16GB to 32GB: Add two 16GB sticks for a 32GB total
  • 8GB to 32GB: Add two 16GB sticks to go from 8GB to 32GB

Match the memory RAM speed, type, and form factor (SODIMM) to your specific Dell G15 RAM type

model for compatibility. The maximum RAM configuration is 64GB.

RAM Upgrade OptionsDetails
8GB to 16GBAdd 1 x 8GB SODIMM stick
16GB to 32GBAdd 2 x 16GB SODIMM sticks
8GB to 32GBAdd 2 x 16GB SODIMM sticks

Choosing the Right RAM

To choose compatible RAM, you need to know your Dell Technologies G15’s RAM type, speed, and generation. This information can be found in the specifications:

  • Type: DDR4 or DDR5
  • Speed: 3200MHz or 4800MHz usually
  • Generation: The RAM generation (e.g. DDR4-3200)

Also, make sure the RAM form factor is 260-pin SODIMM to fit the laptop motherboard slots. With this spec info, you can shop for a compatible Upgrading RAM in the Dell G15 gaming laptop kit. Buying RAM in a kit with two matched sticks is recommended.

Example Good RAM for Dell G15 5510/5511:

32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz SODIMM Memory Kit from Corsair.

Step-by-Step RAM installation on Dell G15

Turn Off the Dell G15 Laptop

The most important phase in the Dell G15 max ram slot establishment process is to totally control the PC by closing it down and afterward turning off the air conditioner power connector alongside detaching any peripherals that are appended.

Remove the Bottom Cover

Use a plastic pry tool to detach and remove the bottom cover that provides access to the internal components of the Dell G15 carefully without breaking the plastic clips, taking care to gain entry to the RAM slots.

Identify the RAM Slots

Inside the Dell G15, the two RAM slots will be visible right away on the motherboard, labeled DIMM A and DIMM B so you can locate them easily and know where to install the new RAM sticks.

Take Out Old RAM

If you are replacing the RAM, gently remove the original RAM sticks from the DIMM A and DIMM B slots on the Dell G15 motherboard to make room for the new upgraded RAM.

Insert the New RAM

Align the notch on the golden pins of the new RAM sticks and insert them at a 30-degree angle into the RAM slots, applying pressure downwards until both side clips on the DIMM slots snap securely in place.

Replace the Bottom Cover

Carefully line up the bottom cover removed previously on the Dell G15 laptop and apply pressure with your hands around the edges to reattach it properly and safely.

Turn On the Laptop

Reconnect peripherals, and power on the laptop. The new RAM will be detected quickly. Be sure to handle the RAM sticks gently by the edges and avoid touching the gold pins. Take anti-static precautions.

Verifying the RAM Upgrade

To confirm your RAM upgrade in Windows :

  1. Go to Settings > System > About
  2. Check under Device specifications for total RAM
  3. Open the System Information app and note the RAM value

The upgraded RAM capacity should now be showing. If not, re-check the installation steps.

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Benefits of Upgrading RAM in Dell G15

Benefits of Upgrading RAM in Dell G15

The Dell G15 gaming computer can hold up to 32GB of RAM memory. The base models transport with 8GB or 16GB introduced. You can boost                                            

 Dell G15 laptop performance with extra RAM and memory capacity by adding more RAM to your Dell 

G 15 sticks. The primary advantages include:

  • Faster processing when gaming or using resource-intensive creative programs
  • Ability to multitask more efficiently with less slow-down
  • Reduced lag and improved frame rates in games
  • Hardware for running RAM-intensive games and applications.

Performance Benefits of Extra RAM

More RAM improves Dell G15 gaming laptop performance in several key ways:

  • Faster processing: Added RAM enables quicker data transfer and execution for software programs.
  • Multitasking: Extra memory lets you comfortably run more apps simultaneously with no lag.
  • Gaming boost: RAM-compatible upgrades help provide faster frame rates, lower latency, and smoother gameplay.
  • Future-proofing: Upgrading to 32GB RAM helps maximize performance for years as game and software demand increase.

Overall day-to-day use will feel much snappier and fluid with ample RAM available. It’s one of the most impactful Dell G15 upgrade options.

Troubleshooting Dell G15 (5510-5520) RAM Upgrade

If you encounter issues after installing new RAM, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify RAM is properly seated in the clips on both sides
  • Try reseating the RAM sticks in alternate slots
  • Confirm RAM compatibility with your specific Dell G15 RAM expansion tutorial
  • Check for dust, debris, or damage in the RAM slots
  • Reset BIOS to defaults in case settings are causing conflicts
  • Test with 1 new stick at a time to isolate potential bad sticks
  • Try the old RAM again to see if the issue persists

Most RAM installation problems can be fixed by reseating the sticks or verifying model compatibility. If issues remain, contact the RAM seller for warranty support.

Expert Tips for Dell G15 RAM Upgrades

For optimal results, keep these expert tips in mind when upgrading RAM in your G15:

  • Check for XMP RAM profiles to enable full RAM speeds in BIOS
  • Install RAM in identical matched pairs for dual-channel efficiency
  • Handle RAM carefully and use anti-static methods
  • Verify model number for correct RAM specifications
  • Research returns and warranty coverage in case of issues
  • Only perform if comfortable, otherwise, seek professional installation
  • Keep old RAM sticks as spare parts

Following these best practices will ensure your RAM or (solid state drive) SSD  upgrade goes smoothly and delivers a substantial performance boost.


Upgrade RAM in Dell G15 (5510 – 5520) Laptop can take its performance­ to the next leve­l. It becomes smoother at handling multiple­ tasks, and it makes gaming much more exciting. Apps run quicke­r and everything on your system re­sponds more immediately.

Plus, it’s a smart move­ for the future, making sure your laptop can e­asily handle whatever ne­w software demands come its way. Always remember to follow the proper installation process and Pay attention to the precautions to ensure a successful upgrade. Happy computing!

Frequently Ask Question

Q1. Does the Dell G15 have an extra SSD slot?

Answer: Good news! The De­ll G15 often comes with a spare slot for anothe­r SSD. This lets you boost your storage space.

Q2. Can you upgrade the CPU on the Dell G15?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t. The De­ll G15’s CPU is usually fixed firmly on the motherboard. This make­s it unalterable. This info is crucial when de­ciding on your first setup.

 Q3. What type of RAM is compatible with the Dell G15 Gaming Laptop?

Answer : You can certainly upgrade­ the RAM on the Dell G15 Gaming Laptop, it’s compatible­ with DDR4 RAM. You can find suitable upgrades convenie­ntly at crucial.com or other renowned supplie­rs.

Q4. What’s the maximum RAM the­ Dell G15 Gaming Laptop can handle?

Answer: The Dell G15 Gaming Laptop unequivocally supports up to 64GB RAM, providing you with unparalleled performance improvements

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