How To Screenshot On Your MSI Gaming Laptop?

How To Screenshot On Your MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI gaming laptops are known for their strong presentation and state-of-the-art highlights, settling them as a famous decision among gaming devotees and experts the same. Catching screen captures on your MSI gaming laptop is a helpful method for safeguarding vital minutes during interactivity or catching significant data for different purposes.

In the event that you’re considering how to screenshot on your  MSI gaming laptop, this speedy aide will walk you through the basic moves toward catching and saving screen captures easily.

Whether you’re a gamer, a substance maker, or just have to report something on your screen, becoming the best at the screenshot button on your MSI; the laptop is a helpful expertise to have.

So here are five methods to take screenshots on your MSI gaming laptop.

How To Screenshot On Your MSI Gaming Laptop – Different Method

1) Method I :Using “Print Screen” Key

Contingent upon your inclinations, you can utilize “Print Screen” alone or with other keys

Use the “Print Screen” key to duplicate the whole screen to the clipboard.

The “Print Screen” key on your MSI PC will take a screen capture of the whole screen and duplicate the screen capture to the clipboard.

  • Step 1: Find the screen you wish to catch by exploring there.
  • Step 2: Utilize your console’s “Print Screen” key to screen capture the whole screen.
  • Step 3: Open a picture altering application, like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, or some other photograph supervisor and utilize the console easy route “Ctrl + V” to glue the screen capture into the product. Then make any vital alters and save the screen capture.

2) Press The “Windows + Print Screen” Key To Capture The Entire Screen And Save The Image Locally.

No worries if you are wondering how to capture the entire screen. By reading this easy step, you will get to know how to screenshot on your MSI gaming laptop

Step 1: You must first launch the program or webpage you wish to photograph. Ensure the program is running in full-screen mode assuming you need to screen capture the entire screen of your MSI gaming laptop.
Step 2: Get your console and output the top column of keys for the “PrintScreen” key. It should be noted that the key may be typed as “PRTSC” rather than “PrintScreen.” If “PrintScreen” is not available, “PRTSC” also functions.
Step 3: Press “Windows” and “PrintScreen” simultaneously. The screenshot was taken when you noticed the screen blinking.
Step 4:Subsequent to taking the screen captures, you can find them in the “Screen captures” part of the “Photos” menu.

3) Utilize The “Alt + Print Screen” Easy Route To Save A Functioning Window To The Clipboard.

You can squeeze “Alt” and “Print Screen” at the same time to catch a depiction of an open window. The screen capture will then, at that point, be duplicated to the clipboard. You can thus paste it wherever.

Stage 1: Find the window you wish to catch, then click it to initiate it.
Stage 2: On your console, all the while press the “Print Screen” key and the “Alt” key. When a screen capture is taken, the screen will quickly diminish.
Step 3: Launch the document or image editing tools where you wish to paste the snapshot. To paste the screenshot, press “Ctrl + V”. Edit the screenshot as necessary, then save it.

Method II : Using The Snipping Tool

These six steps will show you how to use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot on your MSI Gaming Laptop:

Step 1: On your console, press the Windows key, then, at that point, type “Clipping Device” into the pursuit box. To send off the application, click on it.
Step 2: To begin a new snip, click “New”.
Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select the clip type you need to utilize (like rectangular snip, free-form snip, freestyle, or full-screen).
Step 4: Utilize your mouse to pick a part of the screen to catch.
Step 5: The Snipping Tool will launch a new active window with the screenshot as soon as you have chosen the region.
Step 6: You can save the screenshot by selecting “File” and then “Save As” and entering an image file name and location on your laptop.

Method 3: Using Snip & Sketch Tool

This method is the easiest way to capture your gaming laptop screen; whether you want to capture the entire screen or any specific portion of the screen, this common snip tool also gives you basic options to edit or write on your screenshot if needed. I use this method to screenshot the screen.

Step1: First, you have to open this app to see the grey color capturing screen.
Step2 : Then click on the NEW button to take a new screenshot.
Step3 : After clicking screen will dim you will only see the cursor.
Step4 : Without releasing the cursor, navigate the cursor to the portion you want to take a screenshot.
Step5 : When you release a cursor, you will see your desired screenshot on the screen. This app on the upper right corner, you will see two choices, SAVE and Duplicate. Pick what you need. In the middle, you will see all edits options.

METHOD IV: Screenshot On Your MSI Gaming Laptop Using Windows + G Key (Windows Game Bar)

Windows 10 includes a built-in feature called the Windows Game Bar that offers several helpful software tools for gamers. Users can broadcast their games to others, take screenshots, and record videos. Additionally, the Game Bar offers tools for convenience like audio control, performance tracking, and keyboard shortcuts.

You can open the Game Bar by squeezing the Windows key and the “G” key. As a rule, gamers will find the Windows Game Bar a valuable instrument that offers different choices to further develop their gaming experience.

Here is how to screenshot on your MSI gaming laptop with the Windows game bar

1 . Press the Windows key and the “G” key at the same time to send off the Windows Game Bar, then send off the application or screen you wish to catch.
2 . Press the Windows key and the “G” key at the same time to send off the Windows Game Bar, then send off the application or screen you wish to catch.
3 . An affirmation that the screen capture was taken will appear at the lower part of the screen. To edit or share the screenshot, click the notification to open it in the Xbox app.

By following these three easy steps, you may rapidly snap a screenshot using Windows Game Bar on your MSI Gaming Laptop.

METHOD V : Screenshot On Your MSI Gaming Laptop With A Screen Recorder From Leawo

Since the built-inbuilt-in screen-capturing tools are limited in features, you can also use a third-party app, and I recommend you use a screen recorder from Leawo

Leawo’s screen recorder is a potent tool with various applications, such as recording meetings, PowerPoint presentations, games, and demonstration videos.

As a result, it offers much more than merely taking amazing screenshots, making it a comprehensive service.


Great video recording: The screen recorder can record top-quality video at up to 1080p goal, bringing about an unmistakable and exact result.

Sound recording:

You can utilize the product to add portrayal, music, or audio effects to your video by catching both framework and receiver sound.

Customizable recording area:

You can decide whether to record everything on the screen or just a particular window or area.

Timer for recording:

The screen recorder has a built-in timer that you may use to set the length of the recording, preventing you from taking more than you need.

Effects for the mouse cursor make it simpler for viewers to follow your actions by adding mouse click noises and visual effects to highlight mouse movements.

Output settings:

Using the software, you can alter the recordings’ output format, resolution, and frame rate.

A single tick sharing:

You can undoubtedly share your accounts via web-based entertainment destinations like YouTube, Vimeo, and others with only a single tick.

Leawo Screen Recorder, overall, is an element-rich program that gives clients a solid instrument for recording top-notch video and sounds from their screen.


So in this article, we guide you on how to screenshot your MSI gaming laptop through five basic methods. You can utilize some techniques to catch your screen. Implicit apparatuses are not difficult to utilize, yet then again, it’s restricted. In the event that you utilize an outsider program, there are many elements you can utilize other than Leawo. You can also use an awesome screen recorder.


1.How do I take a screenshot of my laptop instantly?

Answer: The Windows key & the Print Screen Press Windows key + PrtScn

Take a photo on Windows 10 or Windows 11 and save it automatically in the Screenshots folder. The screen is off and a whole picture will be saved to the folder.

2. How can I immediately snap screenshots on my laptop?

Answer. Press the PrintScreen key and the Windows logo together to capture the whole screen.

3. What is FN F7 on MSI?

Answer. FN + F7 Reduce the loudness of the internal speaker. FN + F8 Ups the volume on the internal speaker. FN + F9 Turn off the computer’s audio.

4. Can we use the F12 key to take a screenshot of MSI?

Answer. By default, the F12 key on MSI laptops is not set up to capture screenshots.

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