How to Change Keyboard Color on ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop?  (3 ways)

How to Change Keyboard Color on ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop?  (3 ways)

Are you tired of the mundane look of your ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop? Are you looking to jazz up your keyboard and add color to it, making it uniquely yours? Look no further! We’re here to help you navigate the easy and thrilling steps that How to change keyboard color on ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop?

Whether you’re a passionate gamer or someone who values visual beauty, personalizing the keyboard’s shade can completely elevate your gaming journey. Don’t settle for dull and dreary when you can inject vibrancy and thrill into every keystroke. Get ready to unleash your creativity and enter a personalization journey as we delve into the steps required to change the keyboard color on your ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop.

How to Change keyboard color on ASUS Tuf gaming laptop?

If you own an ASUS TUF laptop, you may want to change the keyboard’s RGB color to suit your style. You can do this in different ways: 

Method I: Change in keyboard backlight color on  ASUS TUF By Armory Crate software

Switching up the keyboard backlight color on your ASUS TUF  laptop is simple when you use the Armory Crate software.

Download Armory Crate: install this from the ASUS website.

Open the Software: Once installed, launch Armory Crate from your desktop or the Start menu.

Navigate to Aura Sync: Find Aura Sync in the menu on the left side of the screen and give it a click.

Select Device: Your ASUS TUF Gaming laptop should appear on the screen. Click on it. 

Choose Lighting Effects: You’ll notice several brightness options for your keyboard. Select one of them. 

Select Color: Select a color after choosing a lighting effect for your keyboard.

Apply Settings: After making changes, Press “Apply” or “Save” to confirm.Test It Out: Take a moment to check your keyboard. The color should have changed according to your settings.

With just a few clicks, you can give your ASUS TUF Gaming laptop a personalized touch. Enjoy your enhanced gaming experience!

Method II: Change Keyboard color on Asus Tuf gaming By ASUS Aura Sync Software

Changing the color on the keyboard of an ASUS Tuf gaming laptop can really make your gaming experience more fun. The Aura Sync feature enables users to synchronize RGB lighting across multiple devices, and the following steps guide how to do it:

Install ASUS Aura Sync Software

  • Go to ASUS Official Website: Open your web browser and search for the ASUS support page.
  • Find Your Product: Search for your ASUS Tuf gaming laptop model.
  • Download Aura Sync: In the download section, look for the Aura Sync utility and download it.
  • Install the Software: Run the downloaded file and follow the installation prompts.

Set Up Aura Sync for Customization of Keyboard color on Asus Tuf 

Open Aura Sync: Once the software is installed, open it from your desktop or start menu.

Select Device: In the Aura Sync software, you’ll see different components that can be customized, such as motherboard, RAM, and keyboard. Click on ‘Keyboard’.

Choose Color Scheme: The software offers various lighting options. You can pick static, breathing, strobing, or even color cycle. 

Adjust Settings: Play around with the color wheel to choose a color. You can choose to customize the speed and brightness of the special effects.

Apply Changes: Once you’re happy with your customization, Press ‘Apply’ to save the changes. Check Keyboard: Look at your keyboard to ensure that the changes have taken effect.

Method III: Adjusting The Keyboard Backlight Color Through The Function Keys

Changing the keyboard color on your ASUS Tuf gaming laptop is simple. These steps give your keyboard a fresh look with function keys.

  • Function Keys:  You’ll often find this symbol on the “F3” or “F4” key.
  • Hold Down ‘Fn’ Key: Press and hold the “Fn” key, You’ll often find this bottom left corner of the keyboard beside the “Ctrl” key.
  • Press the Relevant Function Key: While holding down the “Fn” key, press the function key you identified earlier that has the keyboard or light icon.
  • Cycle Through Colors: Keep pressing the function key to cycle through the available colors. Some ASUS Tuf gaming laptops also allow you to adjust the brightness level of the backlight.
  • Release the ‘Fn’ Key: when you have finalized the color, release the “Fn” key.

So now you have it! Your keyboard should now glow with your chosen color. Enjoy your customized gaming experience!

Watch This Video How to Change ASUS TUF Keyboard color | ASUS TUF

Troubleshooting Common issues with Change Keyboard Color on Asus

  1. Check the Keyboard model manually that supports RGB keyboard customization.

2. Asus Armoury Crate Software is installed on your laptop.

 3. Make sure you have the latest version of the Armoury Crate.

4. Keyboard shortcuts use different lighting modes or toggle the RGB lighting.

5. Confirm that the Windows operating system is up to date.

6. Check if there are any BIOS updates available for your laptop on the ASUS support website.

7. Outdated drivers can lead to compatibility issues with Armory Crate and the RGB lighting system.

8. Close any applications before customizing the keyboard lighting.

9. Reset Armory Crate Settings if you’ve made extensive customizations

Benefits of changing the color on the Asus Tuf gaming laptop

  1. Improved Visibility in key with different lighting conditions.

2. Personalization laptop with your unique style.

3. Functional Key Grouping improved gaming performance.

 4. Reduced Eye Strain during late-night gaming sessions.

 5. Enhanced Streaming purposes to engage with your audience more effectively.


This guide provides a detailed and accurate explanation of how to change the keyboard color on an ASUS Tuf Gaming laptop using the ASUS Armoury Crate software and other methods. This information is reliable and based on official ASUS guidelines, making it a valuable resource for ASUS Tuf laptop owners looking to personalize their gaming experience.

Frequently Ask Question

Q: How do I change the color of my Asus laptop keyboard?

A: To change the keyboard color on your ASUS Tuf Laptop, you can use the ASUS ROG Aura app which allows you to customize the RGB illumination and side-mounted light bars on your keyboard. 

Q: Can I change the keyboard color on my ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop using the Fn+F4 hotkey?

A: No, the Fn and F4 keys do not change the keyboard color on ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptops. This hotkey is used to toggle the keyboard backlight on/off.

Q: How do I change the keyboard color to a solid color on my ASUS Tuf F15 Laptop?

A: To change the keyboard color to a solid color on your ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop, open the ASUS ROG Aura app and select the “Solid Color” mode. From there, you can choose your desired color.

Q: Can I change the keyboard color to a rainbow effect on my ASUS Tuf  Laptop?

A: Yes, you can change the keyboard color to a rainbow effect on your ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop. In the ASUS ROG Aura app, select the “Rainbow” mode to achieve this effect.

Q: How can I increase and decrease the brightness of the keyboard color on my ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop?

A: To increase the brightness of the keyboard color on your ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop, use the arrow keys while holding down the Fn key. These keys continuously increase brightness and decrease the brightness and ultimately the keyboard color on your ASUS Tuf Gaming Laptop, use the arrow keys while holding down the Fn key. This will continuously decrease the brightness.

Q: Can you change the LED color on a laptop keyboard?

To switch between LED colors on a laptop with a backlit keyboard, simply press Fn + C. The default active colors are white, red, green, and blue, which can be easily changed using this keyboard shortcut.

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