Best Gaming laptop under 1200

Best Gaming Laptop under 1200

This article provides you with a helpful guide and a list of top gaming laptops under $1200 to consider. It highlights key factors to prioritize, like a powerful graphics card and processor, while also mentioning that these components cannot be upgraded later.

These brands like Asus, MSI, Acer, and Dell have a long battery life, portability, and superior connectivity.

 So, dive in and discover your perfect budget gaming companion with these laptops that have been thoroughly tested and vetted.

Top 6 Best gaming laptop under 1200$ in 2024

  1. ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (2023) Gaming Laptop
  2.   MSI Thin GF63 (2023)
  3.   Acer Nitro V 15
  4.   Dell Inspiron 16 Plus
  5.   HP Victus 16
  6.   Lenovo Legion 5

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (2023) Gaming Laptop


The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 features an AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card. This laptop can reach speeds of up to 4.7 GHz in Windows 11, allowing for smooth performance when running demanding games. Furthermore, it has 16GB DDR5 RAM and a 1TB PCIe SSD which enhance its performance ability you can upgrade ASUS TUF Gaming A15 according to your needs and requirements.

Display and Graphics:

The display measures at 15.6 inches FHD with a refresh rate of 144Hz and full sRGB color coverage. To immerse gamers fully in their world, it also supports adaptive sync technology for lag-free streaming or gaming sessions without tearing or stuttering issues. Additionally, there is an independent GPU called NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 that creates sharp realistic images making every detail captivating.

Cooling and Durability:

TUF Gaming A15 has military-grade durability so it can withstand many hours of playing time in a day plus its cooling system is excellent.

There are two Arc Flow fans with each having eighty-four blades that work together to cool down overheating components such as CPU or GPU thereby maintaining optimum temperatures required by these parts for their normal functioning.

This design ensures reliability even under challenging conditions where other laptops might fail due to frequent breakdowns caused by heat-related problems.

Optimization and Features:

It improves gaming performance by advanced features like the MUX Switch with Advanced Optimus optimize gaming performance and battery life. Efficiency is maximized by changing between a built-in and private graphics processing unit without reducing power.

Furthermore, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives entry to a wide variety of good quality games which in turn makes the experience better.

Why you Prefer to buy

I chose the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 (2023) for its strong gaming performance, beautiful display, cool design, and durability. It’s like having a reliable gaming buddy that can handle and play all your favorite games smoothly and it  looks good while doing it. Plus, you get access to lots of great games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


  • 100% sRGB coverage.
  • Efficient Cooling System.
  • Excellent  Performance


  • 2 USB port available

2: MSI Thin GF63 (2023)

Performance Redefined:

The MSI GF63 Thin 12VE-066US has a ve­ry fast 12th Gen Intel Core i7 proce­ssor. It can do many things quickly like games and work. The proce­ssor is very fast and can do many tasks at the same time­.

Windows 11 Home:

The laptop has Windows 11 and is the late­st Windows. Windows 11 is good for work and fun. You can play games, watch shows, and work with Windows 11. It is easy to use.

Immersive Visuals:

The laptop has a very fast SSD Gen 4×4 and DDR4-3200 me­mory. Data moves quickly on the laptop. Programs and games start fast. The wait time is short.

Lightning-Fast Data Transfer:

Data transfer speeds reach their peak capabilities when using DDR4-3200 memory alongside SSD Gen 4×4; this effectively puts an end to slow loading times forevermore as system responsiveness becomes instantaneous thanks to fast data transfer rates.

Efficient Cooling:

Utilizing Cooler Boost 5 technology with 2 fans and 6 heat pipes, the GF63 Thin ensures optimal thermal dissipation, keeping your system cool even during intense gaming sessions or demanding creative tasks.

Portable Powerhouse:

With a weight starting from just 4.1 pounds and up to twenty hours battery life, this laptop is perfect not only for gamers but also professionals who need mobility throughout their workday

Reasons of suggesting MSI Thin GF63 (2023)

The MSI Thin GF63 is unique among gaming laptops because it only weighs four and a quarter pounds, which is really light if you think about how most others weigh five or six. So that means you can easily carry it around and use it wherever, which is super convenient.

 It’s got an Intel Core i5-12450H processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card so gaming-wise this thing can handle pretty much anything at Medium to High settings at least for now; those usually change over time but still. You can check your frame rate per-second on the calculator; it typically ranges between 40 and 65 frames per second on high and medium settings.

Also the screen is 15.6 inches across, has a 1080p resolution (so everything looks nice and sharp) AND refreshes at 144Hz which makes everything look extra smooth enhancing the gaming and viewing experience.

Why you should Prefer MSI Thin GF63

The MSI Thin GF63 is the perfect option for college going students  who want a flexible laptop. It is lightweight and can be taken to class easily but it also performs many functions such as streaming movies, editing texts among others.

 Moreover, it meets gamers’ requirements without fail hence making it an intelligent decision for scholars that need work-play gadgets. Besides this, its strong construction together with effective cooling systems allows for good performance under pressure which is required during long periods of gaming or studying hard.


  • Effective Cooling.
  • Good option for gamers.
  • Light weight.


  • Separate Number pad not available.

Acer Nitro V 15

Gaming is the aim of the Acer Nitro V .It comes with an Intel i7 processor of 12th Gen and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU. this device promises to deliver high-performance gaming and content creation experiences

Design and Portability

This laptop is black in color and has a simple design. Among gaming laptops, it is relatively lightweight at 5.51 lbs. Hence, it is easier to carry around different places.

Display Features

With Full HD resolution, the screen measures 15.6 inches. Additionally, it boasts a refresh rate of 144Hz. Such high refresh rates ensure that games and videos look smoother when being played back on them

Performance Specs

An Intel i7 processor powers it up for performance. Gaming and video editing are made faster by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU . With 16GB RAM and large storage capacity of 1TB SSD , this laptop allows for quick operations and abundant files space saving respectively.

Connectivity Options

Many ports are offered by this laptop . These include USB-C with Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.1, Ethernet among others like these ones mentioned here. It also supports fast internet speeds with Wi-Fi6 connection

Cooling System

Two fans are included in the cooling system For the use of when playing games or any other heavy task that can make your computer heat up quickly but then if you have one fan only it will be hard man.. harder than two men working together maybe? 

Why I advice you

The visuals are good on Acer Nitro-V as well as its performance being solid too. This model suits gamers best but also content creators could find great value from such device which never disappoint them at all times! This model is a strong choice for those looking to purchase a new gaming laptop so just go ahead!


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Fast speed without lag.
  • High-quality graphics.


  • Little  Noise from cooling fans. 

Dell Inspiron 7630 Laptop

In order to get a powerful laptop for creative professionals which can do everything they need, it is impossible not to mention Dell Inspiron 7630s with its strong features and good specifications. This review will consider different aspects of this laptop so as to establish whether it is suitable for content creation and general productivity or not

Design & Build

Dell Inspiron 7630 has a sleek appearance thanks to its polished Platinum Silver finish. Another thing that makes it different from other laptops is the fact that its case is solid hence users can be sure that this device will serve them for quite some time without getting damaged easily.

Additionally, what sets this machine apart from many others on the market today in terms of design is fitting such a big screen into such a small body typically 15-inch displays are used but Dell decided to go with 16 inches because of its 16:10 aspect ratio which provides more vertical space useful in various creative tasks.


This laptop provides a 13th Generation Intel Core i7-13620H processor with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM for smooth multitasking. It can perform tasks quickly such as video editing, rendering 3D models or running multiple applications at the same time due to its high speed of operation.

Another thing that makes it perfect for creators is its processing power which supported by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card which provides even more performance for graphic intensive tasks.

Other features

There are also other things worth mentioning about Dell Inspiron 7630 like fingerprint reader – an additional level of security; backlit keyboard – which allows working in dark environments; memory card slot (great for photographers); Dolby Atmos sound system providing immersive audio experience necessary while editing videos or watching media files.

Camera and Connectivity

In view of its target market – professionals – this laptop has an extensive range of connection options. For example, it comes with USB-C ports, HDMI ports, etc. With dual microphones and noise reduction powered by AI technology, the FHD camera guarantees clear video calls; therefore, making it perfect for virtual meetings or working remotely.

Why I advice you

The Dell Inspiron 7630 is a powerful laptop for creative professionals. It has great performance, an amazing display and user-friendly features. Although it may be expensive, the things it can do makeup for its cost; especially if you’re into content making. This notebook doesn’t just meet what people expect from tools in this space today — it surpasses them all!


  • Image quality have crisp.
  • Battery life is long.
  • Good Graphic Results


  • Sounds loud in heavy load.


If you want to have a best gaming laptop that is expensive but not overpriced, this guide is for you. All the models under $1200 differ from one another as they vary in terms of performance, durability and features which are exceptional compared to other products within the market. 

This has all been taken care of starting from the huge ASUS TUF Gaming A15 to the sleek MSI Thin GF63 that will cater for any kind of gamer. Then why wait? From these tested and valid choices, get your gaming buddy who can further enhance your game experience without necessarily requiring you to spend so much on them; enjoy yourself!

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